Volunteer With a Winning Team

Volunteer With a Winning Team


VOLUNTEER NOW at volunteer@hammerformaine.com or info@hammerformaine.com


Have fun and show your leadership on a winning team


If you have read through this website you understand that this campaign is different than any you have encountered before. And that includes the impact and role that ordinary citizens can and will play.

You can have zero political experience and become a major leader in this campaign. Or you can have significant experience and marshal that to play a leading role.


Politics is being taken back by citizens, maybe more slowly at first but you can feel it in the air. The opportunity is ripe and you can go as far as you believe that you can go.


It’s time for more people to step up and be leaders in their communities and that is what we are seeing. Contact us so that we can together come up with a satisfying and empowering role for you to play.


As is said, if not you, who? If not now, when?


“You must be the change which you expect to see in the world” – Gandhi”




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