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Maine: The Way Life Used to Be

Click on the book cover image to read the entire book covering “Angus King to Prison if Guilty?”


The book contains the Maine Republican party’s seven page formal complaint to the FEC (signed by the Chairman of the Maine Republican party) detailing alleged illegal activity by King during his 2012 race for United States Senate, as well as a great deal of other information in the book as well.

Excerpt from the above referenced letter from the Maine Republican party to the FEC:

“This letter constitutes a formal complaint filed pursuant to 2 U.S.C. §437g(a)(1) against Angus King, a purportedly “independent” candidate for United States Senate in Maine; Mr. King’s principal campaign committee, Angus King for Senate; Eliot Cutler, Mr. King’s campaign chairman and a director of Americans Elect; and Americans Elect, a purported “non partisan” 501(c)(4) organization. Based upon information and belief, set forth below and in the attached materials, the Republican Party of Maine files this complaint seeking an immediate investigation by the Federal Election Commission (“FEC” or “Commission”) into the illegal coordinated spending practices of Mr. Cutler and Americans Elect (collectively “Cutler”), and the illegal acceptance by Mr. King and his principal campaign committee, Angus King for Senate, (collectively “King”) of contributions from Americans Elect.

Further, Americans Elect – an organization that is primarily engaged in candidate support activity – including for a particular identified candidate – has failed to file with, and report to, the Commission as a political committee.<p?

The public record makes clear, and an investigation will no doubt confirm, that there is reason to believe that Mr. Cutler and Americans Elect have illegally coordinated with King, and that King has accepted that support, in violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended (“FECA” or “Act”), and Commission regulations.”




It is much more compelling to vote “for something” rather than “against something”. Although this book and website provides very important information about Senator King, I do clearly understand that first and foremost this campaign has to be able to demonstrate great value otherwise there is no reason to vote for us or support us.

It is a high bar and the campaign is ready to meet it. There should be a high bar in Maine (and everywhere).


Apart from the serious issues detailed in the book, let’s also look briefly at Angus King’s campaign fundraising (Source: top site, most recent five year period, ending 2016).

Angus King raised almost half – 47% – of his campaign funds from out of state! (well over a million dollars in out of state campaign contributions for King in this period)

Three of Angus King’s top contributors over this most recent five year span include (see complete list for others):
Squire Patton Boggs (#8 largest King contributor) – Squire Patton Boggs is the #3 largest lobbying firm in the United States (source: Wikipedia);
First Wind (#12), See Angus King Windpower MAJOR MAJOR controversies and Plum Creek Timber (#17)

Well over $400,000 of the money King raised during this most recent period – in fact the #3 and #2 sources of contributions for his US Senate campaigns! – came from these two “fat cat” industries:
Securities & Investment and Lawyers/Law Firms respectively


Angus King voting record: – The major third party websites devoted to ranking US Senators on the liberal-conservative spectrum rank Angus King as more liberal than a significant number of Democratic Senators (and more liberal than every single Republican Senator as well).


One more thing about Senator King:
Is it enough to be intelligent, hard-working and likable, or should we require a higher standard for a United States Senator?

Specifically, rather than rewarding someone with a United States Senate seat because we like them and appreciate their hard work, should we instead (or also) expect the person who we vote for in this critical position to be someone who can deliver on their promise of bringing the country much closer together — and thus someone who can significantly drive the agenda and conversation in Washington rather than simply being an active participant?

Angus King REPEATEDLY explained during his campaign for the United States Senate in 2012 that why he was running for the US Senate was to do the job that caused Olympia Snowe to leave the position – THAT IS, TO BRING THE COUNTRY CLOSER TOGETHER IN A BIPARTISAN, NON-PARTISAN OR POST-PARTISAN WAY.

To get beyond the partisan-based gridlock in which Washington has been mired.

Has King accomplished this? Is he even talking about it anymore?

I know that this seems like a high standard, but – let’s face it – United States Senator is a very high position. Someone in this position SHOULD be able to better bring the country together — ESPECIALLY if he kept listing it as the reason why he ran originally.

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